Kyrgyz State University named after I. Arabaev

Kyrgyz State University named after I. Arabaev

About University

Kyrgyz State University, which is named after Mr. Ishenaly Arabaev, was found in 1950 and is a key higher education institution in Kyrgyzstan on training teachers. In other words, the graduated students from I.AKSUS will work as teachers for schools and universities. The university consists of 10 faculties, 4 institutes, and 2 colleges, with more than 10,000 students. Within the framework of international cooperation of the University, several agreements have been signed with the embassies of: the Federal Republic of Germany, USA, Turkey, China, France, Japan, Poland, India, Pakistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Uzbekistan, as well as with international organizations: UNDP, UNESCO, Peace Corps, DAAD, American Councils, IREX, JICA and others (total 72 signed agreements / memoranda of mutual understanding and cooperation).

One of the main purposes of the university is to reform and modernize the system of higher education in Kyrgyzstan. Department of Geography, Environment and Tourism carries out special training of geographers, environmentalists and experts in socio-cultural services and tourism. The university aims at creating solid foundation in the modernization of higher education in accordance with modern requirements. Department implements programs of higher, secondary vocational education and carries out master’s trainings in areas of geography, ecology, science education, environment and natural resources. Total number of students is 930 and teachers 61 (including 5 PhD tutors, 16 candidates of sciences and 12 senior lecturers) in the faculty.

Role In The Project

The main role can be seen in followings:
– Qualified teachers of the department of Geography, Environment and Tourism will actively participate and share their experiences for the development of innovative courses.
-Project team members gather real needs of stockholders and associate partners on environmental protection and disaster management for the design of  courses as well as development of a Web-based system for environmental protection and disaster risk management.
– Regular contacts with the stakeholders and associate partners will be kept to include their views and expectations in the developing courses and web-based  system.
– Disseminating project’s results and provide university-enterprise cooperation. – Prepare specialists in the field of emergency response for sustainable development of the country through continuous education. It can be used on their scientific works in order to achieve employ-ability of graduates, and staff will  improve its capacity on disaster management.
– University offers GIS laboratory, equipment and publishing resources will be used for successful implementation of the project.
– Attending all meetings relevant to the project, including the meetings of the steering committee.

Project Members

Damira Tilenova Kerimovna

Akmatov Ruslan Tynymseyitovich

Jumaliev Nurbek Erkinbekovich

Erkin Toktoraliev

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