Karakalpak State University named after Berdakh

Karakalpak State University named after Berdakh

About University

Karakalpak State University (KSU) named after Berdakh, founded in 1976, as a successor of Nukus Pedagogical Institute (1934). Today, it is well-known and fast growing regional higher educational establishment in Humanities (Linguistics, Law, Psychology and Pedagogics, Philosophy, History, and Political Science), Management (Economy and Finances), Natural Sciences and Ecology (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Soil Science, Agro-chemistry and Cadastre, Meteorology, Environment Protection), Technology (Engineering, Architecture, Urbanistics, Chemical and Oil Technology), Informatics (Mathematics and Applied Mathematics) and Athletics. There are 8000 BSc students and more than 200 MSc students from Uzbekistan and abroad studying in the university. KSU now has 22 specializations for MSc. There are 11 faculties and 39 chairs. KSU has experienced teaching staff, including 1 member of Academy of Science of Uzbekistan, 31 professors and doctoral degree holders, and 168 associate professors. Alumni of the KSU constitute a core of intellectuals in the regional policy making, the business, science, culture and education. The university has local electronic library, available on intranet, with texts of lectures, lecture notes, and books available. There are many researches and development projects in agricultural studies. The university cooperates with many partner universities in agro-ecological issues.

Alumni of the University is working in Ministry of Emergency cases, State Committee for Nature Protection, UZ Hydrometeorology (Weather and Water observation) and other state institutions engaged in disaster prevention activity and mitigation of the consequences. Geography department have more than 800 students. There is special course «Life safety» (72 academic hours) covers many aspects of disaster management, accident prevention and health  protection.

Role In The Project

The role of the university within the scope of the project are:
-Skilful teachers will be involved and participate in the development of courses.
– Conducting need analysis and also keeping regular contact with stakeholders to develop courses and systems, based on their requirements.
– The department GIS laboratory and equipment can be used on project purposes.
– Disseminating and exploiting the results and outcomes of the project.
– Gets benefit from the results of the project.
– Attending the meeting.

Project Members

Abdireimov Salauat Jamalovich

Statov Viktor

Bekaeva Mayra

Bekanov Quwat

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