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Osh State University

About University

Osh State University (OSU) is a recognized leader of higher education in southern Kyrgyzstan, established 1939. The university has 28528 students and 1500 teachers who are also members of the National Academy of Sciences of the republic. Composition of teachers is 45 doctors of sciences, 207 candidates of sciences and associate professors, 33 honored and 127 excellent educators. The university has a powerful material and educational base; the most solid scientific and pedagogical potential among higher educational institutions of the region. There are two research institutes, 13 faculties, 3 colleges, 5 administrative departments, and 32 international, educational and cultural centers equipped with modern computers and internet facilities in all campuses. OSU is a unique and versatile university which prepares highly qualified and skilled specialists in natural sciences, pedagogic disciplines, humanities, technical directions, medicine, law, theology, music, fine arts, agriculture, social work and other specialties. Totally, the university offers 74 specialties on a variety of fields including bachelor studies on economy, management and theology. OSU cooperates with many international partners on the basis of bilateral cooperation contracts. Now a days, 2132 international students from China, Pakistan, Turkey, Korea, India, Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Palestine and Malaysia study at OSU. The university cooperates with more than 30 educational and scientific institutes abroad, and participates in various international programs and projects. As a result of these collaborations, more than 100 students are studying in USA, Germany and Turkey. Fourteen OSU graduates continue their study in Masters and PhD levels in the USA, Germany, Canada, China, Turkey and Pakistan. Because of its strong educational base, the university is considered as the most solid scientific and pedagogical potential among higher educational institutions of the region. The University has its own TV studio “Umut” and student newspaper “Nur” which is regularly published. OSU has 19 campuses, located throughout southern Kyrgyzstan as well as eight student hostels and a hotel for foreign teachers.

Role In The Project

University plays essential role of implementing the project results. Professors and experienced teachers will actively participate in the development of new innovative courses. The university keeps the link between stakeholders and the project in order to make the outcomes of the project useful and applicable for the stakeholders. Master students of the department will use disaster management innovations on their research works. University will use its’ human resources, laboratories, publishing house resources in order to organise courses, workshops and trainings, in total, to provide successful usage of the project through providing gender-balance, and focusing to provision of sustainable development of the society. The university also participate in dissemination  activities. Running the developed courses and training students will be in the university’s future activities.

Project Members

Abdurashit Nizamiev Gumarovich

Ruslan Umaraliev Abdibaetovich

Gulshan Ergeshova

Guliza Momsheva

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