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Founded in 1973, UMinho is nowadays one of the most important and prestigious HEIs in Portugal. It is renowned for the competence and quality of its faculty and for the level of excellence in research as well as the wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses offered and the remarkable degree of interaction with other institutions and the society in general.

Located in the north of Portugal, UMinho has a campus in the city of Braga and two other in the city of Guimarães, which cover a student population of around 20000, 40% of which are master or PhD students. The University has 1200 teaching and research staff and around 800 technical and administrative staff.
The University’s organisational structure is flexible and conducive to innovation and interdisciplinary, favouring the exploration of emerging research areas. All 11 Schools are quite comprehensive and are a reference for their academic and scientific quality at national and international level. UMinho education and research projects have gained strong international recognition and are supported by a close interaction with many other research centres worldwide. UMinho is a research university, committed to the valorisation of knowledge and also focused on the socio-economic environment, with many successful partnerships. The Times Higher Education 150 under 50 University Ranking 2016 ranked UMinho on the 101th position worldwide.

UMINHO offers 54 1st cycle and integrated Master’s degrees, around 130 Master courses and over 50 PhD programmes (several international programs involving prestigious institutions such as MIT and CMU, USA). Internationalisation is an institutional priorityand UMinho has a long and soundly-based experience in coordinating and participating in several EU programmes.

Role In The Project

The Universidade do Minho can contribute with its teaching experience on Earth Sciences and related risk assement courses based on open source geospatial technologies and open data. The background of the selected professors, each from a different department, can contribute to more interesting and
balanced courses.

Universidade do Minho has specific expertise in SDI design and implementation. It can contribute to the design and develompent of courses to empower Central Asia institutions to develop better SDI. Learning how to hadle and integrate heterogeneus data, from many different sources and formats, is important for up-to-date SDI, that can support risk management. Learn how to promote and integrate VGI data is very valuable in risk assessement and in disaster scenarios.

Project Members

Jorge Gustavo Rocha

Maribel Santos

Renato Henriques

Antonio Vieira

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