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Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

About University

The mission of the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) is to stimulate, create and disseminate scientific knowledge, latest technologies, and cultural values, to educate members of the society, to cherish democracy and through such efforts to foster the economic growth of the country, competitive spirit in the economy, social welfare and peace as well as a high quality of life.

The University has the autonomy for decision-making within research and studies as well as for organisational and financial activities; the autonomy is defined by the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, by the Law on Higher Education and other laws of the Republic of Lithuania and by Statute of VGTU.

The institution of public supervision is the University Council of the University. The supreme body of the University academic self-governance is the Senate. The Rector, assisted by 4 Vice-Rectors and the Chancellor, governs the University.

The main public task of the University is education. Today VGTU is the third university in Lithuania. University comprises 8 faculties (Architecture, Business Management, Civil Engineering, Electronics, Environmental Engineering, Fundamental Sciences, Mechanics, Transport Engineering), Institute of Aviation, in total 59 departments. There is also an International Centre for Continuing Education, University Library, Computer Centre and Publishing House “Technika”. Over 10 500 students (35 %women) are studying at the University in 2016. The number of full-time and part-time students for BSc degree amounts to 9000 and the total number of postgraduate students (MSc) being 1500. About 200 students are engaged in Doctoral studies.

Research is one of the most important areas of university activities. The total number of academic staff in 2016 is about 900, including more than 500 employees holding scientific degrees and 50 researchers. Research is carried out in the following units of the University: 3 research centres; 9 research institutes; 18 research laboratories.

Role In The Project

The research carried out at VGTU is mainly oriented at the EU Framework ERASMUS Programmes for research and technological development and education as well, dealing with sustainable development and global changes. This project is in line with the general aim of VGTU which is to provide educational, research and innovation services in the fields of engineering and entrepreneurship. As a partner organization, VGTU will participate through its experts in all activities of the project during its entire lifetime according to VGTU educational and research fields. The main role of the VGTU during the project will be to assist in developing the courses, including leading the development of one course. VGTU will work actively in all main phases of course development including analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation. VGTU will contribute mainly with its expertise in processing software, most of it open source software, with expertise in GPS and Surveying techniques, with expertise in terrestrial Laser Scanning from close to long ranges, with expertise in geoinformation technologies and in development of the studying curriculums in total. VGTU will also make presentations and lectures as appropriate, writing and publishing key research papers on the key deliverables and organising discussions, contributing to conferences and meetings in the areas related to the project including disaster management, Spatial Information Sciences and Technologies, environment monitoring, measuring the effects of climate change etc. Certainly VGTU will also contribute to a range of other activities led by other partners as detailed in the work package sections using intelligent and internet technologies for research, education and practice. VGTU will also have active participation in dissemination/exploitation events.

Project Members

Eimuntas Paršeliūnas

Jūratė Sužiedelytė-Visockienė

Darius Popovas

Arūnas Būga

Romuald Obuchovski

Dominykas Šlikas

Justyna Kozlovska

Marius Petniūnas

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